About Us
Corporate Structure
MODCO has evolved a uniquely competitive and effective corporate structure that provides our customers with an extraordinary level of sub-contractors management on all job sites.  The source of this structure is a systems of " working supervisors".  All MODCO supervisors are carpenters with at least 20 years construction experience in all facets of healthcare renovation needs.


MODCO’s Training Manual was developed and written by the company president, Jim Burns while he worked at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.  All MODCO's personnel are trained extensively using the manual developed at "JHUH".  This Manual is a working document, enhanced and improved at each facility.

Infection control and risk assessment are of course a primary focus of the training, but not necessarily the only facet of MODCO employees.  They are hired for their maturity as well as their experience.


Other important personality traits for working in the institutional environment include:

·        Mature attitude to importance of overall project success

·        Positive outlook to the big picture

·        Pleasantness to staff and patients

·        Flexibility to meet the client's needs


MODCO management and construction teams focus on these four factors when approaching all mobilizations and inevitable changes that arise on alteration projects.

Their training allows them to quietly and pleasantly manage our subs through a team effort and resolve all problems without impacting our customer’s tenants.


The principle training catch phrases for a MODCO construction crew are:

  •         “Be invisible”
  •     “If the customer asks you for your shirt, give it to them…. your manager will sort out the details later”


If you would like to see the MODCO Training Manual, please just ask one of our project managers. They are always in hand.


MODCO's Training Manual is a confidential document and available to clients only